Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Do's and Don't

Help Your Machine Quilter Turn Your Quilt into a Masterpiece!

Do’s & Don’ts
DO- Piece accurately (especially when adding boarders) to make your quilt lie flat.
DO- Trim points and clip threads so they don’t show through your quilt top
DO- Press seams to one side. Avoid twisted seams. This includes the backing seam.
DO- Make sure your back is large enough and the ends are straighted. (square it up)
The backing needs to be 4-6 inches larger than the top. More is you want
Custom quilting done.
DO- Stay stitch around the perimeter of your quilt if necessary, If you have any
bias edges or seams that end on the edge of your quilt top, then you need to stay stitch so the seams won’t pop open or the bias edges won’t stretch when the quilt is stretched taut on the machine.
DO- Trim selvages away if the back is pieced. Selvages are woven tighter than the rest of the fabric so it is hard to get the back even with the selvages on. Watch out for the small holes that line the selvages. You don’t want them showing on your quilt.
DO- Think about thread color when choosing backing fabric. You want the thread to blend well with the back. A busy pattern on the back shows the quilting not the stitches. The same color thread will be used on the back as on the front..
DO- Ask your quilter if she sells batting. They usually do and can give you a good quality product at a reasonable price.
DO- Expect to pay extra if your quilt needs more than a quick pressing, mending, or any other adjusting. This is usually charged at an hourly rate.
Don’t- Use sheets at backing unless your quilter approves it. If you want to use a sheet, please wash, press, and remove all hems.
Don’t- Baste layers together.
Don’t- Put a boarder on the back and hope the quilter can center it.
Don’t- Put embellishments such as beads or buttons on your quilt until after the quilting is done.
Don’t- Expect the quilter to perform miracles! She can only work with what you give her!